While I have not had a formal education in art, I have had a lifetime of preparation to indulge painting full-time.  I grew up in a family interested in art, design, and architecture,   several of whom were and are accomplished artists themselves.  From an early age, I spent a lot of time at my grandparents’ ranch in the East Texas Big Thicket.  I constantly explored the woods, creeks, and open pastures.  The changing light, variety of textures, intimate and expansive spaces, and the discovery of the smallest detail of a Cardinal flower or fern are deeply embedded.

This was the foundation of my career as a Landscape Architect. I channeled my experiences to create exterior environments for the enjoyment of others, both aesthetically and functionally.  I’ve had a great professional life of over 30 years in Houston, the San Francisco Bay Area, New Zealand and now in Wimberley.  I, and my husband (also a Landscape Architect) have “semi-retired” and now I am able to set the pragmatics aside and indulge in art exclusively.

And so, I returned to my first love, the natural landscape.  In my work, I try to convey some emotion that entices the viewer to linger whether it’s a curiosity about what’s around the corner, breaking light in the distance or the excitement of the impending storm.  Rather than simply painting a pretty picture, I attempt to pass on a deeper response to the sense of place that is a blend of light, space, scale and atmosphere.

I began working with pastels in 2009 and they continue to fascinate me.  There is something about the intensity of color that is immediately thrilling when putting pastel to paper.  I especially enjoy working on black sanded paper; the colors practically vibrate off the paper.  While I tend to approach a painting with a preconceived idea, more often than not, I am surprised at some unexpected quality that emerges.  Sometimes the painting takes on a completely different direction.  This is both scary and exciting.  While I gain more experience and confidence in achieving a result, I am also learning to let the “surprises” happen and roll with them.

My work has been frequently accepted and has won awards in regional juried shows, including the bi-monthly Wimberley Valley Art League member shows. I was a displaying member in the Bent Tree Gallery in Wimberley form 2013 to 2015.

I graduated in 1980 from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture and am a licensed Landscape Architect in both Texas and California.

2 Comments on “About

  1. SO WELL DONE Katherine.
    You write out of your most authentic self (something I feel a bit uneasy with in my web site). So expressive, flowing, and personal–speaking directed to the viewer/reader. And now I will explore more . . .onward!


  2. Katherine, When Tom stepped into the gallery in Wimberley, one of the pieces there spoke to him! He was astounded to see your name at the bottom — we’re so happy you can finally “indulge in art exclusively” and share this gift with others! Congratulations!


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