The “OLD” Stuff

We all have it.  The “old” stuff.  Mine just stacks up on a particular shelf in my bookcase, some thoughtfully separated with tracing paper, some not so much.  But I don’t throw it away.

Some artists have the discipline to paint often, some almost every day.  I am not one of those nor do I necessarily strive to be.  I’m an ebb and flow kind of painter.  Sometimes I’m full of ideas, sometimes I’m a total blank.  It’s when I’m really, really blank that I like to look at some of the old stuff.  I was doing “THAT”?  Wow, I was sure on a “BLENDING” jag!  But sometimes, it’s “oh, I forgot about doing it THAT way.  I need to re-visit”.  One’s history is a fascinating chronicle of what we’ve learned along the way, mistakes we’ve made and evidence that we continue to hone the true thing that comes out of us.

Sometimes looking at the old stuff is the best way to find something new.DSC_4352

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