I’ve been thinking lately about “viewpoint”. And I’m not talking about a political one! If you work frequently from photo references as I do, it’s easy for all of your work to have the same viewpoint – the height of your view finder from the ground. In my case, that would be about 4’-6” because I’m short!

I want to explore changing that up a bit. Look up on the internet, Edward Hopper’s “House by the Railroad” for example and see how the viewpoint is slightly on the low side which makes the house loom even more so. Or look at some of Wayne Theibaud’s landscapes which have more of a “bird’s eye” view, making them more expansive . Great examples of a “worm’s eye” view can be found in the work of Karen Margulis. She is one of my favorite pastel painters and you can follow her work on I think one of her specialties is painting wildflowers from the worm’s eye view. (Look at her Friday, April 3 post for a perfect example).  They make you feel like you’re lying right in the field with them!Worm's Eye

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